Intergalactic Laxative

Ma bucur ca s-a descoperit apa pe Luna…Stiu ca a trecut o perioada de la anuntul oficial, insa putem sarbatori oricand si mai ales cu melodia Intergalactic Laxative, cantata de Donovan:

I was impressed like everyone,
When man began to fly,
Out of earthly regions,
To planets in the sky.
With total media coverage,
We watched the heros land,
As ceremoniously
They disturbed the cosmic sand.

In awe with admiration,
We listened to the talk.
Such pride felt they,
Such joy to be
Upon the moon to walk.
My romantic vision shattered,
When it was explained to me,
Spacemen wear old diapers
In which they shit and pee.
(more lyrics)


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