Top Buzzwords

A buzzword (also fashion word and vogue word) is a term of art or technical jargon that has begun to see use in the wider society outside of its originally narrow technical context by nonspecialists who use the term vaguely or imprecisely.

The top 10 buzzwords that should retire 2010 are:

1. Social media expert, guru, rock star, maven (76)
2. Just sayin’ (32)
3. Life coach (30)
4. Right? (As in, “I know…right?”) (28)
5. _____ is the new black (27)
6. Staycation (26)
7. TIE: Bailout (25 votes) and Out of the box (25)
8. TIE: Low-hanging fruit (24), Web 2.0 (24) and Recession (24)
9. At the end of the day… (23)
10. TIE: Fail (22), OMG (22) and Viral marketing (22)


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