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Omoara spiritul Valentine’s Day

„Prosteste-te de Valentines Day, pentru ca meriti!”

by Morella
(Morella, 2006)

Ca sa mai domolim din peltea si din inimioarele in exces, am un antidot:


Human vs. Computer (Bullshit Generators)

E usor a scrie versuri
Când nimic nu ai a spune,
Insirând cuvinte goale
Ce din coada au sa sune. (Criticilor mei, Mihai Eminescu)

„The goal here is simple: reinvent teams with compelling accountability and responsibility for supply-chain and business lines.
We’re going to unleash processes and systems that aren’t working and unleash them so you get the user you need.”
(from Corporate Bullshit Generator)

„revolutionize efficient paradigms, grow plug-and-play ROI, strategize efficient schemas” (Bullshit Generator)

„reinvent dynamic wikis, create user-contributed communities, integrate semantic feeds” (The Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator)

„revolutionize mission-critical schemas, benchmark transparent partnerships, extend revolutionary paradigms” (Web Economy Bullshit Generator)

„… I am confident we are building a stronger organization as it broadens everyone’s opportunity for greater success.” (BS management phrases)

Top Buzzwords

A buzzword (also fashion word and vogue word) is a term of art or technical jargon that has begun to see use in the wider society outside of its originally narrow technical context by nonspecialists who use the term vaguely or imprecisely.

The top 10 buzzwords that should retire 2010 are:

1. Social media expert, guru, rock star, maven (76)
2. Just sayin’ (32)
3. Life coach (30)
4. Right? (As in, “I know…right?”) (28)
5. _____ is the new black (27)
6. Staycation (26)
7. TIE: Bailout (25 votes) and Out of the box (25)
8. TIE: Low-hanging fruit (24), Web 2.0 (24) and Recession (24)
9. At the end of the day… (23)
10. TIE: Fail (22), OMG (22) and Viral marketing (22)